Each week the guys try out and rate/review a new beer.  The ratings work on a scale of 0 to 5 "rounds".  Below you will find a complete listing of each beer reviewed as well as a link to the episode.  Listen to the episode to see how each host rated the beer in "First Round".  When a beer is so delicious that all of our hosts rate it 4 rounds or above, it gets to join a very special, very elite club and has a part of God's anatomy assigned to it.  Beers with that designation are noted to the side of the beer's name in yellow.

  • Episode 139
    Evil Twin's Even More Jesus
    MMMHops (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    ​Prairie Artisan Ales' Bomb! (God's Pussy) (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 138
    Evil Twin's Michigan Maple Jesus (God's Sugar Tits)
    Moose Drool (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Mustang Udderly Awesome (God's Nutsack) (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 137
    Prairie Artisan Ale's Christmas Bomb! (God's Balls)
    ​MMMHops (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Lagunitas' Lil Sumpin Sumpin (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 136
    Abita Christmas Ale
    Casper White Stout (God's Taint) (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Prairie Artisan Ales' Bomb! (God's Pussy) (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 135
    Stumptown Candypeel IPA
    ​Rogue Voodoo Donut (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 134
    Helanni's Pineapple Heffenweisn
    Guinness (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Moose Drool (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 133
    Evil Twin's Lil B (God's Toes)
    Evil Twin's Hipster Ale (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Seadog Raspberry (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 132
    Rahr & Sons Rahr's Blonde
    Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero (God's Burning Butthole) (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Fuel Cafe (God's Coffee Breath) (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 131
    Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout (God's Dick Milk)
    Mustang Brewing Udderly Awesome (God's Nutsack) (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Marshall Brewing Black Dolphin (God's Blowhole) (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 130
    Evil Twin Brewing Aun Mas Chili Jesus
    Marshall Brewing Oktoberfest (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
    Paulaner Oktoberfest Lager (BEERMAGEDDON Tournament)
  • Episode 129
    Clown Shoes Brewing The Barista (God's Auburn Locks)
    Alien Amber Ale
  • Episode 128
    Mama's Little Yella Pills
    Elk Valley Brewing Sweet Revenge Imperial Milk Stout
  • Episode 127
    Shake and Bake IPA
    Boulevard Tart Cherry
  • Episode 126
    Evil Twin Brewing Wet Dream
    Clown Shoes Brewing Luchador En Fuego Chocoloate Stout
  • Episode 125
    Death to Cereal Breakfast Stout (God's Morning Breath)
    Clementine Saison
  • Episode 124
    Prarie Artisan Ale Prarie Flare
    Against the Grain Brewing 35K Stout
  • Episode 123
    Clown Shoes Brewing Undead Party Crasher
    Angry Orchard Summer Honey
  • Episode 122
    The Dude's Brewing Company Grandma's Pecan (God's Prostate)
    Mustang Brewing Rocket Fuel
  • Episode 121
    Founders KBS
    Deep Ellum Oak Cliff Coffee Ale (God's Blue Balls)
  • Episode 120
    Buffalo Bayou Great White Buffalo
    Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
  • Episode 119
    Community Beer Company Public Ale
    GPA+ Above German Beer
  • Episode 118
    Oak Highlands Brewing DF-Dub
    Noble Rey Brewing Off the Leash
  • Episode 117
    Evil Twin Brewing I Love You With My Stout
    Oak Highlands Freaky Deaky
  • Episode 116
    Beer to Drink Music To Belgian Tripel
    Crackin Up Pecan Porter
  • Episode 115
    Deep Ellum Brewing Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout
    Projector Readymade/Stillwater
  • Episode 114
    New Belgium Heavy Melon
    Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial
  • Episode 113
    Brooklyn Defender New York Comic Con IPA
    Vulcan Ale
  • Episode 112
    Old Chub Scottish Style Ale
  • Episode 111
    Rawr & Sons Ugly Pub Black Lager
  • Episode 110
    Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter
  • Episode 109
    Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout (God's Asscrack)
  • Episode 108
    Magic Hat Not Quite Pale Ale No. 9
  • Episode 107
    Buffalo Butt Beer
  • Episode 106
    Homebrewed Pub Talk Porter
    Boulevard Bully Porter
  • Episode 105
    Marshall Brewing Atlas IPA (God's Pubic Beard)
  • Episode 104
    Elk Valley Brewing Nemesis Imperial Stout
  • Episode 103
    Mustang Brewing Strawshitaw
  • Episode 102
    Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
  • Episode 101
    Tallghass Brewing Co Top Rope IPA