A view of the backdrop for the podcast for you visual listeners.

The guys having some fun during the weekly YouTube "What Would I Do?" segment. Micheal on the left and Jeremy on the right.

Welcome to the official website of Pub Talk Podcast! If you're a current listener, welcome back and thank you!  If you're a prospective or first time listener, read on to see what we're all about.

Pub Talk started off with friends drinking a new beer each week and talking about crazy news stories, playing games, and generally messing around.  It has evolved to a craft beer podcast with some humor dashed in.  We love craft beer and enjoy trying any we can get our hands on.  We are based out of the Tulsa, Oklahoma metro area and love to support local Oklahoma beer (a scene that is absolutely exploding), but enjoy beers from all over the region, country and even the world.

Take a look around our site, where you can find our entire back catalog of episodes and beer reviews, as well as links to our Instagram, Twitter, etc. and more!
Welcome to Pub Talk,
The Unofficial Official Craft Beer Podcast of Oklahoma