Having some fun on the weekly YouTube "What Would I Do?" show.  Micheal on the left, Jeremy on the right.

Welcome to the official website of Pub Talk Podcast! If you're a current listener, welcome back and thank you for allowing us to pleasure your earholes every week! If you're a new or prospective listener, welcome to the site and please consider this the foreplay to the audio intercourse that is Pub Talk Podcast.
What is Pub Talk about, you may ask? Pub Talk is the conversations you have with your friends over a few cold ones. Each week we review at least one new beer, discuss the various crazy happenings in our lives and the news over the last week or so, play a rousing few rounds of "What Would I Do" (which is a Would You Rather style segment) and just generally have fun.
Take a look around our site, where you can find our entire back catalog of episodes and beer reviews, as well as links to our YouTube, Twitter, etc. and more!
Enjoy Pub Talk, where we are all about the three B's...

The guys having some fun during the weekly YouTube "What Would I Do?" segment. Micheal on the left and Jeremy on the right.